Why does LIBB cost so much?

LIBB is a premium priced product with super premium performance. Getting to that performance level costs money. Listed below are the major contributors to the price over standard bus boards. There are no accidental features in LIBB. Every item contributes to lowest noise, better installs and best customer experience.

Description Standard Light Copper Bus Board Heavy Copper Bus Board Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Board
Copper weight 1 ounce 3 or 4 ounce 2 ounce
Copper layers 2 2 6
High Temperature FR4 TG 170 degree C PCB Material for no-lead soldering Rarely Rarely YES
CE and RoHS II compliant, Lead Free Rarely Rarely YES
Contiguous wide power planes for +12V and -12V No No YES
Low profile Right Angle connectors (adds to PCB panelization size and cost due to overhang) No No YES
Low ESR Through Hole Electrolytic Capacitors No No YES
Low ESR Surface Mount Capacitors No No YES
Option for lower or higher bulk capacitance to optimize startup vs. filtering No No YES
LED indicators for all power rails Usually Usually YES
Special order Right Angle barrier strip for lowest profile and maximum wiring benefit No No YES
Threaded standoff and screw hardware for permanent cabinet attachment Sometimes Sometimes YES
Extensive testing with multiple power supplies and module configurations No No YES
Dual sided assembly for lowest profile No No YES
Professional Assembly Sometimes Sometimes YES
Priced for retail distribution, lowering shipping costs and times to end customers in all geographies Sometimes Sometimes YES
Lowest Noise Design No No YES